Fuel economy and Emission regulation is hot issue in recent automotive industry. One of key solution is Boosting technology. Supercharger supply great amount of air into an engine, raise power and torque of engine, and provide outstanding rapid response time. Supercharger realize Downsizing with Downspeeding.

Eaton is the world's largest producer of Superchargers, the performance-boosting device of choice for many premium global brands. Eaton engineers and manufactures a full line of Roots-type superchargers for a wide variety of engine applications.


What is Supercharging?

Supercharging is the process of forcing a greater amount of air into an engine (also referred to as boosting). When combined with more fuel, this additional air results in greater engine power.

What is a Supercharger?

By definition, a supercharger is a device used to force more air into an engine. Though there are several different types, most are belt-driven by an engine's crankshaft.

How a Supercharger Works


Eaton produces several models of Roots-type superchargers which are belt-driven by an engine's crankshaft. Our four-lobe Twin Vortices Series (TVS) product is the most advanced technology on the market. It achieves peak boost in 0.5 seconds – providing the instant response and performance that drivers expect.

Anatomy of a Supercharger

Anatomy of Supercharger

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