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Eaton Named Total Hydraulic System Supplier for Korea's Nakdong River Restoration Project

Eaton's strengths in total hydraulic component supply, critical project management, on-time product delivery, and turnkey support make Eaton the number one choice for barrage gate restoration.


Eaton has been named the total hydraulic system supplier for the restoration of a large barrage gate on South Korea's Nakdong River.

The Nakdong River project is part of Korea's four-rivers restoration project that also includes upgrade of the Han, Geum, and Yeongsan Rivers by 2012. The massive undertaking will reinforce eroded riverbanks, repair wash-out areas, and restore the ecosystem of the rivers.

Eaton's Hydraulics Group in Seoul, Korea, has received the Nakdong River business from Seoul's GS Engineering & Construction Corporation, the prime contractor for the government-driven project, and Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction, also of Seoul, which has been subcontracted by GS to provide the water gate.

In terms of the contract, Eaton will supply hydraulic power units and Dowmax® Series hydraulic motors and gearboxes to operate the 131-foot (40-meter)-wide barrage gate that controls water level. The hydraulic components are being built by Eaton facilities in the United States, Japan, and Mexico and will be delivered in 2010 and 2011. The business will generate approximately $4.1 million (USD) for Eaton by 2011.


With a goal of keeping costs to a minimum, GS Engineering and Hanjin put the Nakdong River's hydraulic system up for bids. Both companies had previous experience working with competitive hydraulic component suppliers, particularly with a local system builder that used Italian-made gearboxes.

Although Eaton personnel had already begun working with a contractor-selected engineering firm to identify fundamental hydraulic requirements for the project, they were well aware that Eaton needed to present solid reasons why GS Engineering and Hanjin would want to do business with Eaton instead of the other hydraulic component suppliers at bay.


Eaton's Jay Oh, national sales manager, and Ted Kim, system sales, began their pursuit of the business by putting together a sound quote that identified the clear value of doing business with Eaton. They pointed out that Eaton offers virtually all of the hydraulic system components used in the industry and emphasized Eaton's strengths in critical project management, on-time product delivery, and turnkey support.

They also cited numerous examples of Eaton products hard at work in global civil construction projects, such as South Korea's Saemangeum Dam, the Panama Canal, and the Mississippi River, and offered references for each.


After taking a hard look at what each bidder had to offer, GS Engineering and Hanjin realized Eaton's expertise covered total hydraulic system supply, making Eaton their number one choice for the Nakdong River project.

Eaton's broad and proven experience in civil construction projects was a key factor in the award of business that marks a milestone achievement, says DooWhan (DW) Kim, general manager—Eaton Hydraulics Korea.

"Although we have been actively involved in many state-of-the-art civil construction projects in Korea, the Nakdong River project marks our first hydraulic motor application on a large Korean water gate," Kim says.

"This important award of business further strengthens Eaton's position as a foremost supplier for civil and infrastructure projects and commitment to protecting and improving our environment."